Dual-citizenship should be ‘strict and honest’, Committee says.


A Solomon Islands passport.

The Bills and Legislation Committee is calling for “strict and honest” practice from authorities set to be responsible for issuing citizenship under the citizenship and dual citizenship bills.

The committee made the recommendation when finalising its reports on the bills today.

Committee Chair Connelly Sandakabatu said the recommendations were made according to submissions from the public and the Government.

Mr Sandakabatu said the committee was satisfied with its inquiries into the bills, which would see dual-citizenship offered for the first time in the country’s history.

“The strong recommendation from me would that the people issuing these passports would have to be quite stringent and honest and not subject to pressures,” Mr Sandakabatu said.

“And so they don’t give out citizenships when and where they’re not due.”

Following the recommendations of the committee, the bill is expected to be debated in Parliament next week.

By Fredrick Kusu  

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