SIEC logo. Photo credit: Youtube.

SIEC logo. Photo credit: Youtube.

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission says it has completed all preparations for the National General Election on Wednesday. Eight hundred and sixty seven Polling Stations will open around the country tomorrow morning, ready for more than 287,000 registered voters to cast their votes.

The Electoral Commission says that all necessary equipment and resources have arrived in the constituencies and all training has been completed.

Acting Chair of the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission, Emily Teitala says Wednesday is a very important day for all Solomon Islanders and encouraged all registered voters to get out and vote. Meanwhile, the Chief Electoral Officer says the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission is well prepared for Wednesday’s poll. Polycarp Haununu says everything has been checked and double checked to make sure the administration of the election goes according to plan. Mr Haununu says the Commission also has detailed contingency plans inplace.

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