Float of Candidate Supporters

Polling across the country has ended on a peaceful note and the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission, together with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, say the public must be acknowledged for the peaceful elections.

Polling stations across the country opened at 7am this morning and closed at 5pm this evening. SIBC stringers and reporters reported from various locations in the Provinces that polling went smoothly. In South West Guadalcanal, SIBC stringer John Toki reported a strong turnout of women voters at various polling stations within the Kakabona area, and also reported there were no incidences of disturbances at any of the polling stations he had visited as far as Selwyn College in Maravovo.

In Mbita’ama, North Malaita, SIBC stringer John Kiri had covered almost ten of the area’s polling stations and also reported there were no disturbances in any of the locations, and people were casting their ballot papers in a free environment. Other SIBC stringers, and reporters – John Kotaru in Shortland Islands, Aaron Szetu in Gizo, Gina Maka’a in KiraKira, Gina Kekea in Rennell, Fred Osifelo in Tulagi and others – also reported a steady voter turnout and peaceful voting process. The CEO of Transparency Solomon Islands, Daniel Fenua, also told SIBC from Tikopia, polling was peaceful in the islands.

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