Embracing Opportunities at the 17th Pacific Games: Celia’s Journey of Empowerment and Growth

Celia Pentani Hone, a vibrant and driven Primary Teacher from the Western and Isabel province in the Solomon Islands, is eager for her upcoming role as a volunteer at the 17th Pacific Games. Leading the Spectators Service Team at the National Stadium, she looks forward to guiding and assisting spectators.

For Celia, volunteering extends beyond simply helping others; it’s a pathway for personal and professional development. She said it is a chance to connect with like-minded individuals, building crucial social skills and expanding her network.

Celia Hone Pentani at the Games Facilities at Panatina campus

Her motivation to volunteer is fueled by the prospect of collaborating with a diverse group and learning new skills in serving spectators. She is passionate about working with others to create positive change during and after the Pacific Games.

Furthermore, she explained that preparation for this significant role involved setting clear goals, honing skills, and familiarizing herself with diverse cultures and environments. Understanding the role and making effective contributions while learning from the experience is essential.

“Challenges are pathways to growth. For effective volunteering, dedication and efficient time management are vital. My participation in the 17th Pacific Games as a volunteer will instill confidence and courage, benefiting both in and out of the classroom. I eagerly anticipate cherishing every moment serving as a part of the Spectators Service Team.”

Envisioning the forthcoming event, Celia eagerly looks forward to engaging with a broad range of individuals – from event officials to diverse spectators. 

“Managing large groups and ensuring a memorable experience for everyone is what excites her the most,” she said with enthusiasm.

Anticipating the event’s legacy, she envisions leaving behind infrastructure and venues for future athletes, fostering development.

“As a female volunteer, I strongly believe in the limitless potential of women. Females can lead, nurture, and sustain development. I aim to inspire other women through advocacy and by setting an example of dedication and hard work,” she said.

Celia’s role in the Games means personal growth and a better future for her community. She aims to showcase our venues, fostering economic growth and extending our reach beyond our borders.

Her message to the young people in the Solomon Islands is about empowerment and seizing opportunities. She believes that by volunteering and learning from new experiences, we can expand our horizons and build a better future together.


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