Equality Insights Rapid Survey 2022 Report Launched

The Ministry of Women, Youth, and Family Affairs (MWYFA), in partnership with the National Statistic Office and the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA), officially launched the Equality Insights Rapid Survey 2022 Report on Tuesday.

This survey is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at measuring multidimensional poverty in Solomon Islands.

Group photo showing the report during the launch

 The data was collected between May 30 and August 30, 2022, offering valuable insights into poverty dynamics and how various factors like gender, age, disability, and geographic location influence poverty and inequality within the country.

At the launching in Honiara, MWYFA Permanent Secretary Dr. Cedric Alependava expressed gratitude to the IWDA for taking the lead in conducting this significant survey. 

Dr. Alependava highlighted the significance of the collected and analysed data which will be used to identify vulnerable groups and areas impacted by poverty.

He said this data would play a pivotal role in shaping the development strategies and initiatives to combat poverty and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

“As we move forward, the data will help the government, the civil societies, organization, NGOs, faith-based organization and development partners to see where they can help to support and alleviate poverty, as well as achieving some of the SDGs,” Dr. Alependava stressed.

MWYFA Permanent Secretary Dr. Cedric Alependava

Joanne Crawford, IWDA team’s strategic advisor, acknowledged MWYFA and the National Statistics office for their contributions on the pioneering survey. 

She underlined the exceptional nature of this study, being the first one in Solomon Islands and the only the second of its kind globally. 

“So, there is real leadership, innovation and front footed work that is happening from here. 

Joanne Crawford, IWDA Team’s Strategic Advisor

“I think it’s always important to bear in mind that size does not inhibit innovation. 

“It can often mean that you must think smart and creatively in ways that others don’t, because the resources are more constrained and the willingness of the ministry and the national statistics office to work with us and innovate with us, with quality insights rapid survey has been really valued. 

“IWDA deeply appreciates this collaboration.” Ms Crawford said.


By Alex Dadamu

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