Fa’arodo compensation claims spark social media outrage


Solomon Islands National football team captain, Henry Fa’arodo. Photo: OFC.

The Solomon Islands National Football team captain Hendry Fa’arodo has revealed he was asked to provide compensation to an opposition player after injuring him during a recent TSL game.

In a Facebook post today Fa’arodo explained how after ‘’accidentally”  kicking a player during a tackle in the game versus Malaita Kings he was this week asked for money by the mother of the player as compensation.

Replying to a post on “Latest soccer news in Solomon Islands” about the incident, Fa’arodo confirmed he received a call from the parent, and went to see her.

“She asked for compensation for the cut he had sustained,” he said in the post, which has attracted a huge response from Solomons soccer fans. “She me told that the swelling was too big and that I should give something to help the boy in his injury.”

Fa’arodo said the parent told him it was “traditional” to ask for compensation.

“I don’t know why or understand why,” he said. “I got kicked and got four stitches in my face in recent friendly international, but I didn’t ask for anything.”

“It (the incident on the weekend) was an accident, no intention meant, I was sent off, I’m going to miss the next game, and I got my suspension. Now I have to give more? Even if its $5 or $1000, I don’t think it’s right to ask for anything, it happened in the game.”

Fa’arodo then said he apologised to the player in person after the game, and called on the Solomon Islands community “to put a stop to this practice”.

The post has sparked a wave of comments on social media, with many supporting Fa’arodo’s stance.

By Lowen Sei

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