False tsunami warning rocks Honiara

There is no tsunami threat for the Solomon Islands. Photo credit: www.adaderana.lk.

A false tsunami warning disseminated to members of the public at midday today has caused great fear and confusion in Honiara.

SIBC News today witnessed people running from Honiara coastlines to higher grounds.

Numbers of schools around the city were closed , as students were also seen rushing to higher grounds fearing for their safety.

Some told SIBC News they evacuated their places after they saw some changes in sea level.

But the Solomon Islands Meteorological Services confirms, the information is totally false and should be condemned in the strongest term.

It advises people not to react to such rumours as true information can only be issued by responsible authorities through the local media like radio and other media platforms.

The last major tsunami to hit the country was in 2013 , in Santa Cruz, Temotu Province.


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