A typical afternoon traffic congestion in Honiara. Photo: SIBC

A typical afternoon traffic congestion in Honiara. Photo: SIBC

A former government worker has questioned why the National Transport Board has not addressed the continuous traffic problems in Honiara.

George Kuper said the National Transport Board should create ideas to ease the frequent congestions.

He says one way to help ease the traffic congestions is to allow only certain vehicles on the road at certain days.

“One example is like vehicle numbers ending with 1, like 7421 or B7421 and all vehicle numbers ending with 1 will not travel on a Monday, then those ending with number 2 not to travel on a Tuesday and the same goes for those ending with number 3 not traveling on a Wednesday. With small actions as such, you will probably take out I’d say 10 percent, maybe 20 percent of the traffic on the road which probably will help.”

Mr. Kuper adds, another solution is to enforce stringent parking laws to rid unlawful parking.

He said the Honiara City Council together with the National Transport Board should also build proper taxi and bus stands, and regulate taxi movements to minimize congestions.

SIBC News understands a major road improvement project for the Honiara high way will be carried out by Japan later next year.

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