We are responsible for Honiara roads: MID


Kukum highway last month.


National Government through the Ministry of Infrastructure Development has clarified that developing and maintenance of all road sections in Honiara are now fully under its responsibility.

Honiara residents had questioned both the national government and Honiara City Council’s mandated roles in ensuring Honiara roads are maintained.

Deteriorating road conditions and traffic jam along Honiara’s motor way is becoming a norm.

A fortnight ago, the City Mayor Andrew Mua said HCC was not responsible for the maintenance of Honiara roads.

But the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development Mr Jimmy Nuake clarifies, the entire responsibility to develop and maintain Honiara roads is now theirs.

“Eventually that responsiblity falls back on the Ministry, to look after the roads in Honiara, whether it is the main road or feeder roads,” he said.

“I think as you’ve noticed over the last couple of years the ministry has started work on some of the feeder roads, and we will continue to work on other roads.”

By: Fred Osifelo 

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