FRC Severing process of ROC, tomorrow

Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, Peter Kenilorea Junior

The Foreign Relations Committee (FRC) will be sitting in the next two days starting tomorrow, Wednesday September 4, for a ‘severing’ process where their recommendations of weather to ‘sever’ the Republic of China or not will be later debated in Parliament.

This was confirmed by the Chair of FRC and Deputy Leader of Opposition, Peter Kenilorea Junior.

Hon. Kenilorea Junior calls on Members of Parliament, Civil Society, and individuals who wish to listen to the discussion of this very important issue.

“The Severing process of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is our top agenda for discussion among other issues.”

He said, the recommendations that will be made in the coming days will be taken up to Parliament for further debate, to decide on weather to severe Taiwan or not.

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