The Facebook page of the Forum Solomon Islands International. Photo: SIBC.

The Facebook page of the Forum Solomon Islands International. Photo: SIBC.

Social Networking group the Forum Solomon Islands International, FSII has said the formation of the Disaster Victims Coalition Team is a clear message that victims are frustrated and needs government attention.

A statement from FSII said the Executive of the Disaster Victims Coalition Team, DVCT, met last week to discuss a submission intended for the government.

Although the Terms of Reference of DVCT is still unclear, the FSII statement said it is evident that the team is set to bring frustrations of the flood victims to the government.

Amongst the issues raised during the meeting, DVCT expressed slow responses from the government, unfair and unethical practices during deliveries as triggering the formation of DVCT and its strategic plans.

A DVCT member said at this stage, they are still waiting for what the government can do through the National Disaster Management adding, they need to be repatriated back to their homes.

Meanwhile, FSII Chief Executive Officer Benjamin Afuga said NDMO and the government cannot wait any longer but must act to deal swiftly with the victims correctly.

He said it is not inhuman but clearly demonstrated a no care attitude when NDMO announced through the newspaper over the weekend for all victims to return to their homes adding that this is outrageous and does not speak well of an organisation that supposed to practice good humanitarian procedures and practices.

Many FSII members supported the victims for the formation of DVCT so that their demands, concerns and grievances are handled and presented professionally to the government to address them.

Other members are worried over the delay of the resumption of classes due to victims being accommodated at certain schools in Honiara.

SIBC News understands, the Solomon Islands National University has also expressed concerns over its programs being disrupted since their Pavilion was turned into an evacuation centre following the recent floods.

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