Geogas Pacific Limited invests in the country


Geogas Pacific Limited has  purchased the Origin Energy Holdings Limited shares in 7 Pacific countries namely Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomons Islands, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, American Samoa and Cook Islands. 

Geogas is a French company with offices in Sydney, Paris and Geneva and is primarily involved in trading and transportation of LPG around the world. It operates 50 LPG carriers ranging from small ships to very large gas ships and of these, they owned 15 of the ships.

PM Sogavare handshake with Chairman of Geogas Pacific Ltd, Mr Antoine Gudefin. CEO Geogas Pacific Ltd, Mr Chris Clark (far right) and CEO Geogas Solomons Ltd Mr. Henry Kapu (left)

The Solomon’s business is now 80 percent owned by Geogas Pacific Limited and 20 percent owned by Melanesian Traders Limited, being the local business partner. 

This business has been operating for well over 53 years in the country, though under different names over the years ranging from Speed – e – gas, Boral Gas, Origin Energy and now Geogas.

The new owners led by the Chairman of Geogas Pacific Ltd, Mr Antoine Gudefin, Chief Executive Officer of Geogas Pacific Ltd, Mr Chris Clark and Chief Executive Officer of Geogas Solomons Ltd Mr. Henry Kapu made a courtesy call on Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare MP. 

During the brief meeting, the visiting delegation assured Prime Minister Sogavare that they are here to invest in the Country and the Pacific, eager to do more and better than what has been done in the past. 

Despite the logistical difficulties, Geogas Solomons wants to find betterways by building synergies with other partners to make LPG more affordable and easily available to all people in the country, PM Sogavare was assured. 

This also involves bringing in new technologies and equipment that works on LPG and it’s a fact that LPG is a cleaner fuel than other fossil fuels.

French company Geogas has a special connection to Vanikoro in the Temotu Province as this is where the famous French Explorer – Laperous got shipwrecked. 

This is because Geogas has been the major sponsor of the Laperous exhibition in the French Maritime museum in Paris, so the long term plan is to one day, make the first shipment of LPG to Vanikoro. 

Prime Minister Sogavare stated, foreign investments such as Geogas bring joy to the Government. It is a manifestation of investment confidence in the country. 

He assured foreign investors, a number of legislative reforms that will benefit investors in the country are being seriously pursued by the National Government.   

Prime Minister Sogavare is pleased to hear Geogas’s plan to diversify to the country’s remote areas.  


Prime Minister’s Press Secretariat 

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