GG commends Gov’t for battle against Covid-19


The Governor General Sir David Vunagi has commended the National Government and its front line workers for making sure the country remains safe and afloat regardless of the onslaught of covid-19 in the past three years.

Speaking during celebrations to mark the Official Birthday of King Charles III on Friday, Sir David said the covid-19 brought restrictions that prevented the celebration of this event in the last three years.

“We gather here today and join the nations of the Commonwealth and the Realms in celebrating King Charles III’s 74th Official Birthday. The last time we celebrated the birthday of our Head of State was in 2019, in honour of Her Majesty, the Late Queen Elizabeth II,” he said.

“However, due to the impact of COVID19 all celebrations of this nature were abandoned during the last three years. The effect of COVID19 had devastated our country’s social and economic fabric and negatively impacted our resource, social and reproductive sectors,” he added.

He added that even to this day, the country is yet to fully recover from the effects of COVID19 noting that the cost of living is still high while salaries are low, making it impossible for individuals and families to make ends meet.

Sir David speaking at the ceremony

“Such financial difficulties have contributed to people compromising their integrity and indulge in corrupt activities,” he said.

“However, we must commend the diligent effort of our government, through the oversight committee and the men and women at the frontline that enabled our nation to mitigate through the period of public emergency with courage, foresight and selfless commitment,” Sir David added.

It has been documented that from 3 January 2020 to 31 May 2023 there have been 21,611 confirmed cases of COVID19 in country with 153 deaths.

“As a nation, we pray for the Souls of our beloved ones who were called to rest during the period of COVID19. May their Souls Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory,” Sir David said.

The Governor General also used the occasion to call on Solomon Islanders to support the Government by providing voluntary services during the 2023 Pacific Games in November.

“Now, as we prepare for the 17th Pacific Games in November, we too should encourage our men and women and boys and girls to involve in volunteering service to support our nation in hosting the Pacific games,” he said.


– GCU 

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