Gov’t Describes Wale’s statement on ‘Suidani Motion, A sad day for Democracy’ as A sad day for Wale


The Government is dismayed and concerned about the recent nonsensical tirade by the Leader of Opposition in the media. 

It is obvious that the Leader of the Opposition does not understand the basic and fundamental principles of representative democracy. 

In a statement earlier, Mr Wale said the successful motion against Premier Suidani and the MARA government yesterday is a sad chapter for democracy in the history of this country.

He said this is no triumph for democracy but rather, triumph for corruption engineered and driven at the highest level of our national government.

However, the Government is concerned because Wale’s lack of understanding is bordering on that of a person with an unsound mind and his fitness to defend democracy.

Hon. Wale’s  justification displays a worrying level of understanding of the basic principles of democratic rule by a seasoned politician and Member of Parliament. By advocating for minority rule, the Leader of Opposition is basically attempting to cover up mismanagement and promote unlawful expenditure by the Malaita Provincial Executive. This is at best described as “aiding and abetting” an unlawful act.

Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

The comments made by the Leader of Opposition is in fact an insult to the right of any Member of Provincial Assembly to move a motion of no confidence. From the statement of the Leader of Opposition, it now seems that the right to move such a motion is only proper when it is moved by or benefits the Leader of Opposition and his band of cohorts.

The right to move a motion of no confidence is an individual and collective right accorded to all Members of Parliament. The same applies to all Members of every Provincial Assemblies in Solomon Islands. The motion of no confidence is enshrined in our Constitution and Standing Orders of all Provincial Assemblies. 

Its purpose is to protect the fundamental democratic principle of majority rule. When the majority of elected leaders do not have the confidence in their leader they will use the MONC to oust him to ensure that the minority do not rule. Democracy is about the rule of the majority. 

Wale does not respect this democratic principle. This is why he walked out of the election of the Prime Minister in 2019 because he knew that he did not have the support of the majority, thereby receiving 0 votes to the Prime Minister’s 34 votes. He again moved a motion of no confidence in 2021 when the principle of majority rule was not even under threat. That motion was resoundingly defeated as well with him receiving only 15 votes.

It is a triumph of democracy when law protects the principle of majority rule. Despite the clear display of numbers, the Leader of Opposition ignores the democratic principle of majority rule. The Government applauds the RSIPF for ensuring that security is provided to ensure that MPAs can exercise their votes on behalf of those who elected them, in an environment that is free from threats, intimidation, fear and violence. As a democratic country, we must ensure that our elected leaders are free to exercise their mandate without fear, intimidation and threats. 

Fear, intimidation, threats and violence was used during the November Riots to create an environment of fear leading up to the motion of no confidence in 2021, but it did not work because as free men and women we will not be suppressed by intimidation, threats and violence by the few. 

The Government is greatly encouraged and congratulates the majority of the people of Malaita for their understanding and respect for the rule of the law, except for a very few people who have fallen victim to the deceptive conduct of all persons attempt to suppress this very right enshrined in our laws including the Leader of Opposition. 

The Government thanks the former Premier of Malaita for his contribution to our nation and looks forward to working closely with the newly elected Premier of Malaita.


Prime Minister’s Press Secretariat

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