Govt plans new joint national warning centre


Hon Samuel Manetoali-Minister for Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management, Conservation and Meteorology and MP for Gao Bugotu. Photo credit: SIBC

The national government, through the Ministry of Environment Climate Change, Disaster Management & Meteorology (MECDM) is proposing the establishment of a joint national warning centre to improve its weather and climate forecasting services.

MECDM Minister Samuel Manetoali revealed this during his remarks at the fourth Pacific Meteorological Council Meeting in Honiara today.

Minister Manetoali said the government will fund the proposed infrastructure to ensure better forecasting in the country.

He said meteorological leaders across the Pacific should collaborate to improve weather and climate forecasting services in the region.

“We must continue to assist each other , we must continue to collaborate and share experiences  to build a resilience society, he said.

“We must continue to work with our partners and ensure that adequate resources available to support implementation of  projects and programs in the country.”

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