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The Parliamentary Opposition Group has urged the Government to clear the air over Australian security deal in Solomon Islands.

A statement by the Opposition Group said the Government must come clean on whether the claims are true or not.

The Opposition said the Government needs to be reminded that any permanent stationing of Australian Federal Police AFP in the country would generate a lot of debate.

It adds, most of the debate will border on our sovereignty and the capabilities of our own police force.

The statement said the Parliamentary Opposition Office calls on the Government to consider a national consultation if AFP is invited after RAMSI leaves.

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Opposition Office urged RAMSI’s cabinet sub-committee to produce a comprehensive report that should include a roadmap forward after RAMSI.

It said this report should indicate whether or not such undertaking is necessary.

The Parliamentary Opposition emphasized that such comprehensive report should be made ready before the next sitting of parliament.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Islands Indigenous People’s Human Rights Advocacy Association (SIIPHRAA) has expressed, such security arrangement might be undermining the local police force.

SIIPHRAA’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Moses Ramo said the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) has trained local police and are capable of providing security for this country so such arrangement would not need.

“They have trained the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force enough capability to handle issues in the country and to provide national security in the Solomon Islands so SIIPHRAA’s view is it wants to know in who’s interest are they coming and what are they coming to do? If the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force is capable through the RAMSI training provided for the past 12 years then Solomon Islands doesn’t need any permanent security arrangement.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Ramo said the arrangement was proposed on Australia’s own interest, not like the first arrangement on RAMSI.

He adds this arrangement would backfire if our leaders are not careful in their decisions.

“There are two arrangements, first is what our government requested in 2003 and nobody asked for this lasted move so maybe it is for their own interest and very soon you’ll see its result. When they satisfied their interest they will go home and will only fulfill the saying “here today, gone tomorrow”.

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