Grand coalition numbers bolstered


Inside the National Parliament.


A group of Six political parties with the same vision and policies are in deep ends of dialogue now at the Heritage Hotel with the aim to form the next Government.

Led by the Solomon Islands Democratic Party, up-front in the dialogue is the formation of a coalition government, how to harmonise policies of different groupings among other priorities.

Official spokesperson for the group, Francis Waleanisia told SIBC News at the Heritage Hotel this afternoon, an official statement will be released announcing the six party coalition following what will transpire in today’s meeting.

“Outcome from the meeting last night was that we will release a formal press statement,” he said.

“A total of six (Parties) are in dialogue right now, we are confident that we can come to a compromise once in terms of our differences and move to form the government.”

Mr. Waleanisia assures the country, the Heritage grouping is sticking to the laws of the country in its dealings of the processes of lobbing and the formation of the next government.

He adds, the group of 26 MPs is clear that the country needs a government to quickly address major economic and leadership problems facing the country.

The official spokesman adds, the grouping has all the machinery to form the next government and address these major national crisis.

Six Political Parties- the Solomon Islands Democratic Party, United Democratic Party, United Party, People’s Alliance Party, Solomon Islands People’s First Party and Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement are in dialogue at the moment at the Heritage Hotel hoping to bolster numbers and form a grand coalition government.

SIBC News was at Honiara Hotel mid morning and was told by the camp spokesman, Barnabas Henson, an official update should be ready by 2pm this afternoon.

The Honiara Hotel faction includes – Kadere Party, Our Party and Democratic Alliance Party.



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