50 arrests, numbers injured in PM election aftermath

Police officer outside the national Parliament yesterday.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force are ontop of the current security situation in Honiara, and the situation is now under control

Commissioner Varley said, RSIPF have been busy last night responding to continuing isolated pockets of disturbances particularly around East Honiara to Henderson area.

Mr. Varley said, as of this morning, 50 people have been arrested and charged as officers continue to observe the situation.

“I want people to come back to work and to their businesses, I want people to feel reassured that police are on top of the situation,” he said.

“If individuals or isolated groups continue or intend to cause future disturbances , the police ready to deal with them.”

Mr. Varley  adds, about 11 Police and Correctional Service officers were subject to certain injuries mostly from stone throwing yesterday and last night.

Meanwhile, National Referral Hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr John Hue, said the the number of injured people may increase.

Dr Hue said, the Emergency Department as of yesterday recorded at least 10 Injury Cases.

Dr Hue added, the number is expected to increase, therefore, strongly reminds the public to always stay safe as the National Referral Hospital will only attend to Emergency Cases until further notice.

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