A 16-day Gold Ridge Community and Landowners Council (GRCLC) tribal awareness program, led by Chairman Mr. Dick Douglas, is progressing smoothly, providing valuable insights and fostering positive community engagement.

The objectives of the tribal awareness initiative include disseminating correct information on royalty payments, updating tribal members on the Gold Ridge project, and facilitating open dialogue and feedback from tribal members.

“Tribal members are expected to gain better insight into royalty summaries, royalty laws, royalty regulations, and the royalty process. This initiative aims to enhance engagement with the Gold Ridge project, clarifying how their representatives have been addressing tribal matters and agreements with the company and the Government.”

“Furthermore, it encourages tribal participation in the Gold Ridge Mine project, ensuring understanding and seeking support for the company’s future plans,” stated Douglas.

In summary, the awareness objectives seek to cultivate an informed and engaged tribal community, fostering a positive relationship with the Gold Ridge Mine Project and promoting a transparent and collaborative approach to issue resolution.

Chacha tribe leaders performing a customary ceremony before their tribal awareness on 12_02_24

Commencing on February 12th and concluding on February 29th, the 16-day awareness program has garnered positive feedback thus far.

“The tribal awareness sessions have provided tribal members with clear and transparent updates and explanations, which have been well-received,” noted Douglas.

“The team received warm receptions from tribal chiefs, leaders, and members, who expressed appreciation for conducting the tribal awareness.”

The tribal awareness team comprises representatives from GRCLC, Gold Ridge Mining Ltd (GRML), the Solomon Islands Government (SIG), and the local company Goldridge Community Investment Limited (GCIL).

Both the Government, through the Ministry of Mines, and GRML have offered detailed explanations about the Mines and Minerals Law, along with updates on the project and future plans of the company.

Looking ahead, the tribal awareness program will continue next week, further strengthening community engagement and collaboration with the remaining tribes.



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