Ashwant Dwivedi, CITREC Chairman. Photo credit: SIBC.

Ashwant Dwivedi, CITREC Chairman. Photo credit: SIBC.

A free port of entry to Canada only applies to eligible Guadalcanal Canadian International Training and Education Corp (CITREC) graduates.

Chairman of the CITREC, Mr. Ashwant Dwivedi clarifies to SIBC’s Current Affairs program.

Mr. Ashwant explains, the free port of entry visa or exemption only applies to CITREC Guadalcanal Graduates granted employment in Canada.

Dwivedi says the arrangement is covered under the Canadian Government’s Port of Entry Policy for the CITREC program.

“Under this partnership, what the Canadian government has done is that through this incentive there is POE, Port of Entry policy that the Canadian government had put into place, which means there is no requirement for medical examination, police clarence certificate is obtained through various searches by the Canadian authhorities through their partners.”

Meanwhile, Dwivedi says the two CITREC Guadalcanal Graduates who are currently taking up employment in Canada will be treated the same as Canadian citizens in their employment conditions.

He assures, more CITREC Guadalcanal Graduates will be recruited to Canada soon.

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