HCC to revoke 40 public bus business licences

Buses detained at the HCC headquarters in Honiara in January. Photo: Lowen Sei

Owners of about 40 buses that failed to follow routes designated by the Honiara City Council’s public bus ordinance will lose their business licences.

Honiara City Mayor Andrew Mua said the city council will revoke the licences at the end of the month, which marks the end of the first quarter since the bus ordinance came into effect.

Mr Mua said in the next quarter, the city council will exercise its power to revoke business licences without hesitation.

Bus owners are required to abide by the public bus ordinance and the terms of their business licences.

“The contract form that you sign with the Honiara City Council to obtain your business licence has conditions, and one of the conditions is to stick to the bus route that is provided under your business licence,” Mr Mua said.

Once a bus owner’s business licence is revoked, the city council will only reissue the licence if the bus owner pays a $20,000 fine.

By Allen Waitara

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