High number of diarrhea and red-eye cases in Guadalcanal Plains


Palm oil at the Guadalcanal Plains. Photo credit: Panoramio.

Communities in the Guadalcanal Plains have reported diarrhea and red-eye cases of this week.

The outbreak is believed to be the result of the bad weather that affected the country last week.

A Martin Fred from Veuru community in North East Guadalcanal reports, children and women are mostly affected.

“Just three days after the New Year, i noticed the children and then the mothers start to develop red eye.

“And then some omitted and experienced diarrhea. We try as much as possible to assist them to go to nearby facilities at Good Samaritan and the HCC Clinics in Honiara.”

He urged both the disaster office and medical authorities to immediately monitor the situation before it worsens.

“I just call on responsible authorities to respond immediately with this situation that has struck as communities in Ravu, Veuru and others.”

By: Charlie Salini


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