Historical Maiden flight to country’s second International Airport


Flights IE 716 and IE 717 will be inked down in history as the first flight to grace the official unveiling of the country’s only second international airport in Munda, Western Province.

The flight took off from Honiara international airport at around 9am and arrived at Munda around 9:36 am.

On touching down at the newly paved Munda Runway Overlay, passengers onboard the flight gave a joyous hand clapping to signify the first landing of an international flight at Munda international airport.

Flight IE 716 and IE 717 berthing at the newly Munda domestic and international airport

As the aviation tradition of welcoming a new flight, a cannon of water sprayed from both sides of the plane from fire trucks as the airbus ushered into the arrival tarmac.

It was a beautiful sight as people from Munda and nearby islands gathered to witness the historic occasion. 

On the flight’s manifest were important dignitaries which included the Prime Minister Hon.Manasseh Sogavare, MP, a handful of ministers of the crown and members of parliament, foreign diplomats and other important stakeholders.

In his speech to commemorate the unveiling of the new Munda International Airport, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare spoke at length in acknowledging the original landowners of the land on which the Munda Runway Overlay and new international and domestic terminal are built.

PM Sogavare pointed out that past governments have consistently worked with the landowners in ensuring the project took off the ground to what it is today.

PM Sogavare making a point at the delivery of his guest of honor speech

The Prime Minister admitted that dealing with land matters in Solomon Islands is challenging, and to that end PM Sogavare acknowledged the Munda landowners and local community for their unwavering goodwill support. 

“Despite the complexities of land issues, we are determined to build access roads, install air navigation and communication equipment, expand airport facilities, and address ownership issues concurrently. We must continue to appreciate the community’s enduring support, both past and present,” PM Sogavare stated.

The Prime Minister added that it is encouraging to see landowners are committed to government- led airport development activities despite their differences and further stated that the landowning groups have used established processes and channels to vent their disagreements, however, maintaining the commitment to complete the airport projects.

He also paid tribute to the Dunde Vetu Bangara for their ongoing collaboration to resolve the eastern end land issues and pointed out that the success of the airport development signifies the partnership between Munda community and the government.

PM Sogavare listening attentively to the airport tour guide explaining the different sections of the international and domestic terminal

Meanwhile the Prime Minister said the presence of the Premier of Western Province and his provincial delegation signifies the Province’s unwavering commitment to collaborate with the national government and donor partners in delivering essential services to our people.

He acknowledged the minister of Communication and Aviation for allowing him (the Prime Minister) to be the guest of honor at the auspicious occasion to receive the completed subprojects from multilateral partner, the World Bank.

The Munda Airport Improvement Project is funded by the World Bank and the Solomon Islands Government at a cost of USD 23.06 million.

The project contractors are China Harbor Engineering Company and the China Civil Engineering Company.


Prime Minister’s Press Secretariat

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