Hunt is on for Life-sentenced inmate who escapes from Tetere Correctional Centre

Hunt is on for Life-sentenced inmate who escapes from Tetere Correctional Centre

A search is currently underway for a prisoner who was serving a life sentence at the Tetere Correctional Centre but escaped from the facility on Thursday 2nd November 2023, between 8pm-9pm.

SIBC News was told that the inmate is known as Hency Bosalia, 34, from Tiwa Village, Reko, North-East Guadalcanal.

According to an information received by SIBC, the escapee was last seen within the inmates’ compound when the inmates were conducting their evening devotion at their mess room at approximately 6pm.

His disappearance was only noticed when Correctional Officers’ conducted the final musters prior to the final lockdown. A thorough check in all cells and around the Tetere Correctional facility was then conducted, but the inmate was nowhere to be seen.

It was later discovered that the inmate escaped through the bottom of the internal perimeter line, as the tie wire which was used to fasten the perimeter line with the bottom plate was removed.

The Escapee has been convicted to life imprisonment on 31st August 2016 and has been classified as a Low Risk prisoner on 01st March 2016, before being transferred to Tetere Correctional Rehabilitation Centre on 11th March 2023.

He was married and whilst serving his term in prison, his wife was said to be re-married to another person.

SIBC was told that the escaped prisoner had his last family visit on 11th October 2023. He was visited by his biological father and younger brother. Rumors have it that the inmate might have received information from the family visit concerning his wife, who have just recently been re-married to someone else.

This might have sparked anger and have triggered his sudden plan for a breakout from prison.

Having noticed the disappearance of the inmate, the CSSI Commissioner and Police was informed, where a directive for an immediate activation of an operation manhunt was imposed on the same night.

From Thursday night until now, the prisoner is still at large.

SIBC News did made some attempts to talk to the CSSI Commissioner over the weekend for further updates, but were unsuccessful.

However, Provincial Police Commander (PPC) for Guadalcanal Province, Chief Superintendent Rodney Kuma said they are assisting the CSSI in the hunt to recapture the prison escapee.

“Actually, CSSI is taking the lead in the manhunt, and we are assisting them at this stage. We are also using the people in the communities to assist us.”

PPC Kuma also called on the communities around North East Guadalcanal to be on the look out for the escaped prisoner, as he is currently serving a life sentence for murder, and is very dangerous.

He then went on to remind the relatives and friends of the escapee that harboring a criminal is an offence.

“If any relatives of the escapee is caught harboring him, they can be arrested. Therefore, for everyone’s safety, it is best to report to the Police as soon as possible, if you happen to spot the escaped inmate in your communities, especially in the Reko area. This is important so that he can be re-captured,” Chief Superintendent Kuma said.

The PPC said, he will be meeting the CSSI Commissioner tomorrow to plan out a joint operation so that a thorough search in the areas of interest can be conducted. —ENDS//

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