Information Communication Technology. Photo credit: youict.blogsport

Information Communication Technology. Photo credit: youict.blogsport

The Information Communication Technological Support Unit (ICTSU) under the Ministry of Finance and Treasury is looking to improve its connectivity to all government ministries in the country.

ICTSU Director, Smith Iniakwala told SIBC News, almost 90 percent of all government ministries have already connected to their data centre.

He adds, they are looking at improving their connectivity in Honiara from a wireless to fibre network using Solomon Telekom’s fibre network.

“We are looking to improve the connectivity within Honiara and by improvement, I mean using the fibre cables connecting them to the permanent government buildings. Currently, our network is on a wireless basis so improving that means increasing the speed between government ministries to the data centre and we are working very closely with Telekom, using their fibre network, so that’s one of the areas that we are looking to improve”.

Meanwhile, the ICTSU Director says they are also looking at connecting the provincial centres to the government network.

And at the same time, with regard to provincial connectivity we are looking at also working with Telekom and other telecommunication service providers to use the satellite in what we call single hop, where from the provincial centres straight to Telekom to the government network, like currently, we are using satellite where it almost take us three hops, which the time might be a bit slow but we are looking into that area to improve it”.

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