International Education Day 2024 commemorated.

International Education Day 2024 commemorated.


The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development with its stakeholders marked the International Education Day at the Honiara Senior High School yesterday.

Celebrated with the theme, “learning for lasting peace”, the day provides an opportunity to acknowledge the tireless efforts and commitments of those committed to educating learners.

Delivering her remarks, Caretaker Minister for Education, Lanelle Tanangada calls for recognition towards the role of education in nation building and peace development.

“ We must recognize the role of education to nation building and development or the role of Education for peace and development.”

“We need a collective effort from parents & guardians, the government, teachers and leaders, families and communities and education providers to engage our children and youth in every learning opportunity so that they are fully engaged, become meaningful citizens, and promote peaceful co-existent and harmony wherever they live and serve,” said Tanangada.

International Education Day 2024.

Meanwhile, Outgoing Director for Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs in the Ministry of Traditional Governance, Mr. Charles Kafa also emphasized on the importance of including Peace Education in school curriculums.

Mr. Kafa said it is important that students not only learn about peace education in theory but to practice what they learn as well.

” I think it would be good for us to work with the Ministry to encourage and promote students to engage in collaborative decision making. This would mean encouraging our children to uphold cultural values and traditions of respect and looking out for each other, and incorporating them to the contemporary ways of life.

” This will allow students to maintain respect and cultural values while going about their day to day lives.”

SIBC News understands, this year marks two years that the country has commemorated the International Education Day.


By Eliza Kukutu

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