ISABEL’s 2015-2016 REVENUE HITS $18m

Isabel Premier James Habu. Photo: Courtesy of Solomon Times Online.

                                              Isabel Premier James Habu. Photo: Courtesy of Solomon Times Online.

Provincial Premier of Isabel Province, Hon. James Habu said his province collected a total revenue of $18.4 million from 2015 and 2016.

Premier Habu confirmed this figure during the 2016 Kodili Trade and Cultural Festival held in Buala last week.

He explains, the province collected $8 million of the total from local revenue and $3.2 million from National Grants and the rest was from provincial capacity development fund and provincial reserves.

Premier Habu said, provincial expenditure in the given period is $18.06 million dollars.

Meanwhile, Hon Habu confirmed, Isabel Provincial Government plans to expend the same level of spending within the current financial year.

He assured, his provincial government will strive to further strengthen its operation and tighten spending to qualify for the next lot of provincial capacity development fund.

Premier Habu said, the province’s projects will be implemented in administrative, community, social and financial livelihood.

This projects includes; clinics rehabilitation, classroom expansion for both kindy and primary, improvement of girls’ dormitory in High Schools, Water Supplies and Sanitation, Landing Jetties and virgin oil processing set-up.

Premier Habu said, the Isabel Provincial Government continues to improve various projects across all development sectors of the province.

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