“IUMI WAN DRESS SHOW – The Quest for the Hapi Isles National Dress”


The Solomon Islands Government, through the Ministry of Home Affairs, is delighted to introduce an exciting event known as “IUMI WAN DRESS SHOW – The Quest for the Hapi Isles National Dress,” a part of the Cultural Programme for Sol2023 Pacific Games – “IUMI WAN FESTIVAL.” This event marks the first in a series of three events scheduled for 2023-2024 as we continue our quest to find a national dress for our nation.

The inaugural “IUMI WAN DRESS SHOW” is set for November 30th, 2023, at the Multipurpose Hall in Honiara. Up to 20 qualified clothing designers will participate, with the top 5 designers progressing to the final round in June 2024. The second event in this series will occur in March 2024, giving a new group of designers the opportunity to vie for a place in the 2024 final showdown.

The primary aim of this event is to discover talented designers and dress patterns for the Solomon Islands National Dress.

The ultimate objective of the “Iumi Wan Dress Show” is to identify clothing that will be widely accepted as our country’s national dress or attire. It should be suitable for our weather conditions and comfortable for any occasion. We hope that the chosen design or design patterns will instill national pride and promote unity.

This competition is open to local fashion and design experts, including those residing abroad, as well as long-term expatriates living in the Solomon Islands.

The competition consists of a single category: the “National Dress Category”. Participants are encouraged to create clothing inspired by our diverse cultures or to design entirely new outfits that represent the Solomon Islands uniquely. They may use modern materials and blend them with traditional elements like tapa cloth, shells, feathers, and natural dyes to create a fusion of styles if desired.

Applications can be submitted from October 20th, 2023, with a deadline of November 3rd, 2023. Application forms and TOR are available at the Ministry of Home Affairs in City Center Building Point Cruz. If you have questions, please contact Mr. William Misibini on Phone 28602 or email William.Misibini@mha.gov.sb 

To submit your application and dress designs, place them in an envelope and send them to:

Mr. William Misibini

Ministry of Home Affairs

P.O. Box G11

City Center Building




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