Isabel's provincial flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

Isabel’s provincial flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

Jarihana Sports Association at the Kmaga ward, Maringe Kokota Constituency in Isabel Province has started its sports league.

Association Chair, Nathan Posala told SIBC Sports they have been organizing leagues since 2000 and the one just started already has 14 sports clubs participating.

He said despite having no support from the Isabel Sports Association they continue to organize such leagues with interests from clubs in and around Jarihana.

Mr Posala said the league was opened last Sunday with seven teams playing the opening matches by pool format.

“We started of on Sunday which we organized the an opening for the league. Jarihana Sports Association consisted of 14 participating teams namely: Skyline, Boina, Buma, Visena Community High School, Mariu, Kanaka Warriors and Kmaga. So we opened the league on Sunday with kick off matches, played by a pool system consisting of seven teams in a pool and there are two pools.”

The Jarihana Sports Association Chair also called on both current and intending candidates in and around the Maringe Kokota Constituency to support this sporting event as it is seen by surrounding communities as a uniting factor.

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