Law. Photo: The Buerkle Law Firm.

Law. Photo: The Buerkle Law Firm.

The Solomon Islands Indigenous People’s Human Rights Advocacy Association has advised the Russell Islands Plantation Estate Limited (RIPEL) General Manager, if his work and residence in Solomon Islands has been expired, the right thing to do is to go out of the country and re-apply.

Chief Executive Officer, Moses Ramo was responding to Mr JohnWhiteside’s recent statement that he is waiting for a response from Immigration authorities after he lodged an application to renew his work and residence permit in 2013.

Responding to Mr Whiteside, Mr Ramo said when an outsider’s work and residence permit expired, that person automatically loses the legal right to remain in the country under the immigration laws.

“He needs to go out of the country after his work permit expired then he can reapply and this will depend very on his performance in the country, not only in RIPEL a General Manger. Because what I understand from immigration law, a person from Solomon Islands, you cannot apply while you are staying in the country. You have to go out from the country before you can apply for a renewal of work permit or even a visa.”

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