Killers used bush knife, took money in Easter double murder, court told


Goufi in a police vehicle. Picture: Solomon Star

Grisly details surrounding the Easter double murder in Honiara emerged in court yesterday, with prosecutors revealing one victim was repeatedly struck with a bush knife and the other had her throat slashed before the men accused took off with the day’s takings from the til.

As reported by The Solomon Star, Jimson Erga Goufi, who surrendered to police on Monday, faced two counts of murder in court yesterday over the alleged brutal deaths of Chinese couple, Gong Zhen Lao and his wife Wu Yuegui.

The prosecution confirmed Goufi was a security guard employed by the LGZ Enterprise Shop, owned by Mr Lao and his wife who were also known as Jimmy and Joy Kwan.

“At 6pm after closure of the LGZ bottle shop and the Kai Bar, the female workers signed off and left the LGZ shop, leaving (Goufi) alone with the Chinese couple, Gong Zhen Lao and his wife Wu Yuegui,” Public Prosecutor Olivia Ratu told the court, as reported by The Solomon Star.

The court heard that before 7pm on Easter Saturday, Goufi helped the couple close up the business. He then let his associate and co-accused, who is still in hiding, walk inside the shop before closing the door.

It is alleged the Goufi’s co-accused jumped on top of the shop counter and slashed Mr Lao on the head with a bush knife as Mr Lao looked through paperwork.

The court was told Goufi later took the same bush knife and repeatedly struck Mr Lao. Mr Lao’s wife then appeared. Goufi’s co-accused is alleged to have taken a small kitchen knife and slashed her throat.

They then took money from the register of the bottle shop and fled. The court then heard Goufi attended work as if nothing had happened.

Police attended the scene on Easter Monday and the duo then fled to Malaita.

The prosecution said Goufi participated in a record of interview where he admitted the killing. He was remanded in custody and will appear again at the Honiara Magistrate’s Court on May 30.

Police yesterday appealed to Goufi’s co-accused to surrender.

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