Pacific Casino Hotel staff cleaning in front of the Kukum Clinic. Photo credit: SIBC.

Pacific Casino Hotel staff cleaning in front of the Kukum Clinic. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Provincial Health Director of the Honiara City Council Dr Donald Kafa has thanked the Pacific Casino Management for taking the initiative to refurbish Kukum Clinic.

Director, Dr Kafa made the acknowledgement after Pacific Casino Hotel did some free renovation work on Kukum Clinic over the weekend.

“We would like to thank the Pacific Casino Hotel Management, Michael Leong and his staff for coming and giving back to the community and we’ve experience they are doing it in this form when they helped out in improving the Kukum Clinic.”

He also outlines the work done at the clinic.

“Currently, they are beginning to clean the environment, gravel up the walkways, paint up the walls, change doors, provide furniture for waiting in front of the clinic as well as change our garbage bins by providing new ones, so they actually helped us a lot.”

Renovation on the Clinic started last Saturday.

Meanwhile, Pacific Casino Hotel Director, Michael Leong says, as a business house representative, he wants to ensure life is pleasant where possible.

Mr Leong says the Kukum clinic renovation is an example of the things people can do to make a difference in life.

He adds Pacific Casino Hotel is always willing to lend that extra hand when the business schedule is not uptight.

“We wanted to give an extra hand and I know that any help we can give that makes a difference and will be helpful to them, we’ll be very happy for that and so far there’s a lot of positive feedback so that’s all I want to hear and we’re always here and I hope for more positive outcomes in the future. We are citizens and house representatives and if we have that extra hand or if you have a free schedule then there are areas in the country that we can help and it will make a difference to people.”

Young Leong extends the call to all other business representatives in the country to assist our communities when they can.

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