Map of Solomon Islands. Photo credit: World Atlas.

Map of Solomon Islands. Photo credit: World Atlas.

The future of Solomon Islands rests squarely upon the hands of all Solomon Islanders of today.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare made the statement in his Christmas message to the nation.

Mr Sogavare said, it is our hope that this festive season brings change in attitude to all citizens.

He said changes should be centred around respect to law and order and appreciating the valuable contribution from the private sector, donor partners, non-government organisations, churches and the government to make Solomon Islands a better place to live in.

He adds, unity in the country depends entirely on how we handle issues that threaten our survival as a nation.

“Solomon Islands has come through more than a decade of constant battle against forces that threaten our unity. Whether the country will remain united in the long run, depends on how we handle the issues that threatened our survival as a Nation. We would be irresponsible to neglect these issues.”

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