Learning basic Chinese Kung Fu for a ‘stronger police family culture’

Learning basic Chinese Kung Fu for a ‘stronger police family culture’

More than 100 children of local Police officers in Honiara have attended a Chinese Kung Fu basic training program at the Rove police headquarters on 28 October 2023.

The Team Leader (TL) of the China Police Liaison Team (CPLT) Commissioner Zhao Jinyong said they organised the Chinese Kung Fu for the police children for a stronger police family culture.

“I have been here for almost five months now and when I see these little children, I feel homesick because I miss my little girl, but I am proud of my work here in the Solomon Islands.

“As we speak, some police officers are working and as we prepare for the Pacific Games 2023. These officers will be engaged in the operation and will not have enough time to spend with their families,” he added.

For that reason, Mr Zhao explains that they created these Kung Fu activities for their local police families to come together with their children to interact with each other. This is to build a stronger police family culture,” says Mr. Zhao.

Instructor Feng Quan display back Kung Fu punch

During the basic Kung Fu training, Deputy Commissioner (DC) National Security and Operation Support (NSOS) Ian Vaevaso said, “It is a good thing that our children can come and learn about the Chinese culture in a form of art.”

“Not only that but the advantage of such a program will bring our children together to share friendship and get to know each other,” stated DC Vaevaso.

He further added that this type of martial art program will help them to stay healthy and fit.  “You are here to learn the basic art not to fight with your friends in school or other places. You are here to learn martial arts to discipline and protect yourself.”

Mr Vaevaso then highlighted that “The Chinese traditional Kung Fu martial arts form a critical part of the great treasure of Chinese culture. By holding such an activity, the children could feel the captivating world of charm of Chinese Traditional Kung Fu martial art by deeply sensing the spiritual characteristics of patriotism, self-improvement, perseverance, humility and honor.”

“These are deeply rooted in the Chinese culture. These certain spiritual characteristics will benefit children’s moral and physical education that are conducive for children’s healthy growth,” DC Vaevaso further encourages the participants.

Children involved in the Kung Fu training at Rove

The half-day event also ended with a table tennis race which involves the parents of the children.



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