Logging activity threatens Honiara’s water source


Logging activities near the Kogulai water source. Photo: Solomon Water.

Logging activity at the Kongulai upstream area has sparked investigations by Solomon Water.

A statement from the State-Owned Enterprise said this followed reports from inspections carried out on site that revealed possible sources of turbidity at the Kongulai Water Source are due to current logging operations upstream at Tavilo concession area.

It said, they were working on a plan to inspect other logging and sawmilling operations in the same area to compile a joint inspection report with the responsible ministries by the end of this week.

Chief Executive Officer of Solomon Water, Mr. Ian Gooden said based on their understanding of the geology and elevations of the area, they can confidently say that the logging activities contribute to the latest turbidity issues they have at the Kongulai water source.

He said they were also looking at logging activities in adjacent catchments and work with the relevant ministries to manage sediments run-off from logged areas.

Meanwhile, Solomon Water said they would confirm the underlying cause of the continuous turbidity currently experienced at the Kongulai source once they conclude their investigations.

While it apologised for the inconveniences caused, Solomon Water is monitoring the situation and will provide further updates.

People who still receive water supply are advised to boil the water for consumption and cooking purposes.

This week’s heavy downpours had also forced Solomon Water to close off its Kongulai source this morning.


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