Logging on heights banned

A logging operation. Photo: Supplied. 

Any logging operation or commercial activities conducted at an altitude higher than four hundred metres is illegal.

Caretaker Minister of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology, Dr. Culwick Togamana revealed in his debate on the sine die motion over the weekend.

Hon. Togamana told the tenth house that there is now a cabinet paper that safeguards the country’s higher altitudinal lands as they are very unique.

He says this is vital as there are unique ecosystems at this altitude that needs preservation.

“This is a very important move because it will help conserve about twenty-one percent of our land from very disastrous activities such as logging or even mining because these altitudes have very unique ecosystems, there are unique plants that have pharmaceutical values,” he said.

“Also at those heights we normally have our tabu sites, also at those height we have our catchments that actually provide clean drinking waters for us so I just want to mention this and also to those that are doing logging that any activity that is done at four hundred metres and above is considered illegal.”

Parliament now stands sine die after its dissolution at midnight last night while the Government is now in caretaker mode.




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