Commonly used licensing stamps. Photo credit:

Commonly used licensing stamps. Photo credit:

Local business operators in Makira Ulawa province have been urged by the provincial government to pay up their business operating licenses.

The business operators were urged to pay up after the province hascompleted its third quarter financial assessment for this year.

Provincial Minister of Commerce, Trade, and Investment Martin Karani told SIBC News,  the province has experienced a weak revenue collection and certain areas will need to be improved.

“We have assessed our revenue collection and noted that certain areas will need to be improved and Makira Ulawa Provincial Government is asking all business and service providers or operators in the province to honour their commitment to meet their provincial business licensing obligations. Makira Ulawa Province has in the past experienced setbacks in terms of revenue collection simply because the operators have intentionally ignoring or even failed to meet their license obligations.”

Mr. Karani urged all business houses in the province to pay up theirbusiness licenses before they are penalised.

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