Malaita Premier Peter Chanel Ramohia. Photo credit: OPMC.

Malaita Premier Peter Chanel Ramohia. Photo credit: OPMC.

The Provincial Premier of Malaita Province Hon. Peter Chanel Ramohia has expressed confidence on the new approach to the implementation of all national project in Malaita Province.

Premier Ramohia said this after the consultation workshop on the recommendations of Malaita Projects Think Tank Reports ended last Friday in Auki.

The Provincial Premier said, with the inclusion of chiefs in the land reform program, he fully believes, the implementation of national projects on Malaita would progress.

“I am very confident that if we as a province can address the issue of land ownership and land disagreements and disputes currently happening and allow chiefs to do their work I strongly believe that this can allow development to take place.”

The Think Tank Taskforce has returned its survey reports to the Malaita Provincial Government recently for its endorsement.

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