Malaita Premier Peter Chanel Ramohia. Photo credit: OPMC.

Malaita Premier Peter Chanel Ramohia. Photo credit: OPMC.

A Malaita man has described the recent comments made by Malaita Premier, Peter Chanel Ramohia as an “insult” to the people of Malaita.

Premier Ramohia recently commented, there are no allocations provided in the National Government’s budget for major projects on Malaita.

But responding to the comments, a John Sala told SIBC News this is an insult to the Malaita public.

“The comments he made publicly are an insulter to us especially the Malaita public in terms of what we see; that I think he should not have called on the DCC Government to voice out his grievances like that.”

Mr. Sala adds the Premier should have offered alternatives to the national government instead of blasting such comments.

“He should have come out very clearly on our provincial government’s behalf and suggested to the DCC Government, under Manasseh Sogavare’s leadership, that these are alternative projects they wish to pursue should the national government wants to implement them to address our peoples’ issues.”

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