Map of Solomon Islands. Photo credit: World Atlas.

Map of Solomon Islands. Photo credit: World Atlas.

About 12.7 percent of the population in Solomon Islands are classified as “poor” according to a newly launched report on the Solomon Islands Poverty Profile.

The report was officially launched today based on the 2012/2013 household income and expenditure survey conducted by the Solomon Islands National Statistics Office.

It gathered information on all types of foods consumed and a wide variety of non-food goods purchased by a nationally representative sample of households.

On the average, consumption levels when adjusted for prices are higher in Honiara,Temotu and Western and the lowest in Makira Province.

It shows, Honiara has the highest basic needs poverty line followed by Guadalcanal province while Choiseul, Malaita, and Temotu province have the lowest poverty line.

This means, Choiseul, Malaita and Temotu Province are meeting the cost of basic needs less than half of that in Honiara.

Speaking during the launching, Minister for Finance and Treasury Snyder Rini says based on the report, more work needs to be done to address poverty in our society.

“But more work is still needed and more answers should be demanded if we are to be fully effective in our efforts at all levels and not just in government to address this major threat to our society.”

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