The Our Telekom logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Our Telekom logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

A member of the Television board Mr Daniel Aba cautions Solomon Telekom and other interested institutions or persons not to televise the 2014 World Cup matches if they are not legally licensed to publicly televise the games.

Mr Aba says, this is because the Solomon Islands Television Board, SIGTB, is yet to meet and decide on whom it should give the right to televise the games.

He says, the board must first meet and consider all applications and agree on a suitable applicant and the subsequent issuing of the appropriate licence.

“SI Telekom or any other body who may wish to televise the World Cup, don’t do it. This is not an order, but it’s my opinion because SI Televison Board has been gazetted but is yet to meet to discuss who will actually be given the license to televise the World Cup games. SIG needs revenue for this nation. SI Television should give a license to whatever particular company who applied to televise the World Cup. At the moment the Board is yet to meet.

He says as he understands, Solomon Telekom only has the right to receive images for private viewing but this right does not include televising the images.

Mr Aba claims, the last Television board expired 2 years ago and the new board is yet to meet.

He questions if Solomon Telekom has the licence to televise the World Cup Games, where did it come from.

Mr Aba warns, unless proper legal processes are adhered to, legal breach could be evident.

SIBC News hopes to run a separate story on Solomon Telekom’s response on this story.

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