Stop cheating. Photo credit: Daily Mail.

                                      Stop cheating. Photo credit: Daily Mail.

Students in forms three and five of Naha Community High School have been highly suspicious of a mass cheating during 2016 national examination.

A concerned marker of the Solomon Islands Secondary Certificate entrance examination has reported the alleged academic misconduct to SIBC News today.

The marker says the answer sheets of the involved students have shown word for word answers.

The marker adds this is totally unfair to other honest students and schools around the country.

“We’ve tried to put all ten papers together and look at one question for all the papers then we found that the answers were exactly the same. For instance, if the first paper says “the children were”, the rest of the papers also have the same answer. This is questionable and if any parent can look up the results, they will see that almost the whole class have passed on to form four and six.”

The marker strongly calls on the National Examination Standard Unit (NESU) to investigate the complaint.

“We have found that this is unfair compared to other schools who tried their best. Hence, one can say that something is behind such actions and the National Examinations Standards Unit should recheck the papers to find out what’s behind the cheating.”

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