Oxfam, an Australian NGOs. Photo credit: syn.org.au

                                              Oxfam, an Australian NGOs. Photo credit: syn.org.au

Oxfam with support from the Australian Aid Program has recently awarded over SBD$2.5,000,000.00 grant to address family violence in Malaita and Temotu provinces.

The grant is sourced through the Safe Families Fund small grants program.

Successful recipients of the grant include sporting clubs, women’s organisations, radio stations, hospitals, prisons, theatre groups, disabled peoples’ and organisations.

Others include churches, businesses and government agencies.

Meanwhile, President of the Temotu Council of Women Doreen Salana said the grant will enable the council to deliver essential training for women to be more informed about the “Family Protection Act”.

A statement from OXFAM says many of the organisations are based in rural areas and it is the first time they have successfully applied for a grant.

It adds Oxfam will provide each organisation with training and support to deliver their projects over a 12-month period.

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