Medical Supplies Shortage Threatens Keu Kwao Clinic, Risking Vulnerable Populations

Medical Supplies Shortage Threatens Keu Kwao Clinic, Risking Vulnerable Populations


By Lynton A. Filia

The Keu Kwao clinic, nestled in Suava Bay, North Malaita, faces a critical shortage of essential drugs, intensifying the vulnerability of children and women in the northern region.

Speaking to SIBC from North Malaita, Texley Fa’asi highlighted the grave mess haunting the Keu Kwao clinic in Ward 9. This region holds a population of around 800 people.

He said, over the past six months, this medical facility was grappled with a severe shortage of vital medications like Panadol, aspirin, Amoxicillin, and other essential drugs, impacting the daily influx of individuals seeking medical aid or check-ups.

“This situation arises when patients, particularly children and women, present themselves seeking treatment. Instead of receiving necessary medication, the nurse diagnoses their illness and advises them on seeking alternative treatment or resorting to herbal remedies due to the clinic’s lack of medicine.”

Throughout this period without medication, Texley said, the community has witnessed outbreaks of malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, and various other illnesses, strangely affecting children and pregnant women.

Despite the passage of time, the clinic remains empty of essential drugs, prolonging the distress of those seeking medical attention.

Texley said, “Concerns arise regarding the promised government-supplied medicines through the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, prompting queries about their delayed arrival and distribution to clinics across the Solomon Islands.

With this ongoing situation, Fa’asi said that communities surrounding Suava Bay express their concern due to their financial constraints, unable to afford medications from alternative sources. This dire situation engenders deep worry among the sick population, confronting them with the reality of inaccessible medical relief.

“At the moment, the sickness still continues because there is no medicine at the clinic.”

With this situation, Texley said, people from Suava Bay are calling the Solomon Islands Government through Ministry of Health and Medical Services to consider their situation in terms of medical drug shortage which is one of the main issues affecting the clinics at Keu Kwao and other clinics across the provinces.

Presently, numerous individuals grappling with various illnesses find themselves confined to their homes, deprived of the necessary medication crucial for their recovery. The urgency to lighten this medical crisis is a huge concern.

“We are calling for immediate intervention and swift delivery of essential drugs to alleviate the suffering endured by those in the North Malaita community,” Fa’asi said. –ENDS//

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