Meet our future Transportation Engineers

Meet our future Transportation Engineers


By Caleb L. Dalavera

China International Press Communication Centre

Two young individuals from Solomon Islands have taken on the challenge of enhancing their country’s road infrastructure, and are convinced that China’s modern academic benchmark and progressive technology will help them prepare for this massive task.   

Miss Dulcie Hani’irara Siwainao (28) and John Mathews Kelomae (28), are pursuing their Masters in Transportation Engineering in one of China’s internationally recognised Civil Engineering institutions, ‘Beijing University of Technology’.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative BRI, infrastructure investments and firm growing footprints across East Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Oceania demonstrates its position as the technology industry frontrunner.  

In their 6th year of studies in Beijing, 3 more to go, Dulcie and Kelomae’s special interest study area in Transportation Engineering is anybody’s guess ‘Road Material.’ This covers road design, Tarsealing, traffic, weather and material. 

The duo refused to go down the complaint-path on the country’s inadequate and deteriorating road condition. Rather wish to.. “acquire the appropriate knowledge, raise their hands up and be counted as part of the solution.”  

John Mathews Kelomae, a participant of the Silk Road Youth Forum

Mr. Kelomae is studious, a student leader whose goal is to learn and master China’s theory and experience in Transport Technology and become proficient and valuable to his country’s Transportation engineering industry.    

“As the country develops, improved and bigger road infrastructure will be demanded. The Asphalt (composite material) is very expensive. We import it every time we need it. It is a natural material. I wish to explore the possibility of recycling the material in-country. With the right ingredients and expert assistance, the country can produce it at a cheaper cost. I wish to pursue that. Many countries are already doing it. It is challenging but achievable.” 

The young man further expressed, “our weather requires a lot of consideration when it comes to road construction- a major factor in road destruction. With expert assistance, my aim is to improve road material property to suit our weather. The road material properties can be improved, our roads lifespan can be increased, and saves the economy and other resources in the long run.”

Mr. Kelomae said, it takes being able to see the bigger picture and love for one’s home country to have the tenacity to be persistent even when future prospects and opportunities are bleak.   

Miss Dulcie Siwainao who began undergraduate studies in Beijing in 2018 has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in Building and Construction last year and is pursuing her Masters in Transport Engineering at the Beijing University of Technology. 

Miss Dulcie Siwainao

Dulcie sings the same tune, challenging herself to academic discipline, acquire new and relevant knowledge and skills, return home and rewrite the narrative of transportation engineering, a male dominant career, giving back to her country.  

“Road construction and maintenance challenges are critical to Solomon Islands development.  This is a field in need of sufficient expertise. So I want to raise my hand and be counted. There is no better place in the world to study Transportation Engineering than Beijing University of Technology. Our lecturers are among the brains behind China’s Belt and Road National Projects- the design and Tarsealing of the Daxing International Airport, China’s huge starfish Airport is one of their flagship projects.”  

Dulcie is a senior student leader who represents her University in International Youth Conferences. Her path is a testimony of perseverance, passion and self-confidence.  

Both students expressed gratification to the Government and people of China for their scholarships. Without the scholarships, their dream to one day become valuable to their country and families would neither be substantial nor practical. 

John Mathews Kelomae and his calligraphy competition award

The duo further boast, Beijing University of Technology is a masterpiece, internationally recognised and a role model in multi-disciplinary research programs such as engineering, science, economics and other disciplines.   

Asked about China’s overall study environment, both replied, the fact that they successfully completed their Bachelor’s Degree in China and apply to continue their Masters’ Program in China is enough evidence of how much they fall in love with China’s education system and the friendly Chinese people. 

The Beijing University of Technology’s ‘College of International Education’ is exceptional.  This is the department that takes care of their academic services- scholarship, academic and school related activities outside of class. 

The students speak highly of their University and their warm hearted staff. 

“During Covid 19, the staff in our university looked after us as their own children. They left their own families, came and lived with us in our dormitories, comforted us and took care of our needs for the whole Covid 19 period. I wonder if Solomon Islands students studying in other parts of the world get the same treatment,” an emotional Dulcie acknowledged.  

Miss Dulcie Siwainao attending the Belt and Road Initiative Youth Conference

Overall, after spending almost 6 years in Chinese institutions, both Kelomae and Dulcie believe China offers some of the high-end competitive universities in the world. Its academic standard is very high, offering cutting edge research facilities and strong emphasis in innovation. 

China is attracting top lecturers across the world as a result of its increasing global influence and investment in education. 



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