MUP Set to Deliberate on Budget

MUP Set to Deliberate on Budget


By Alex Dadamu

The Makira Ulawa Provincial Government will meet to deliberate on its budget next week, on July 9th.

Provincial Premier Hon. Stanley Siapu told SIBC News that the provincial public accounts committee will be meeting this week to examine the budget before tabling it for debate.

Hon. Siapu said his government is hopeful to pass the budget and have it assented by the Minister for Provincial Governments and Institutional Strengthening.

“The public accounts committee will scrutinize the budget and the accounts of the province in order to prepare the appropriation bill for submission to the assembly for tabling. Hopefully, the assembly proper should meet on July 9th,” Hon. Siapu said.

He added that they hope to pass the budget in a day or two.

MUP Premier Stanley Siapu.

Hon. Siapu also revealed that the province has been running on a contingency warrant since the financial year for most provinces concluded on March 31st 2024.

“We are disadvantaged by the fact that the financial year ended on March 31st and there was no formal appropriation of the budget on which the province can operate. So, since April 1st until now, the province has operated on a contingency warrant.”

Premier Siapu further expressed hope that when the assembly finally passes the budget, they will have a formal appropriation ordinance and be in a good position to provide services to the people.


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