MEHRD officially welcomes new Minister of Education

MEHRD officially welcomes new Minister of Education

Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) officially introduced and welcomed the new Minister for Education, Hon. Tozen Leokana on Wednesday 15th, May 2024 with a commitment to drive the Education Policies head on.

The Member of Parliament for South Choiseul, Hon. Leokana was sworn-in to take up the ministerial portfolio on May 6th to oversee the overall governance of the ministry.

During his introduction and welcome ceremony, Hon. Leokana said he is in the good hands of the Senior Management Team, Heads of Divisions and staff of the ministry, to drive the ministry in terms of policy implementation that needs to go through cabinet and Parliament.

He acknowledges that there are still huge challenges ahead, especially with the implementation of the new Education Act 2023.

“I am happy to commence my role as Minister of Education and to work together with the senior management team and staff to implement the ministry’s education reform plan in the next four years,” he said.

Staff of MEHRD welcoming the new Education Minister Hon. Tozen Leokana.

He also emphasized the importance of work commitment in terms of responsibilities in working with Education Providers and education partners to bring about increased access to quality education for all children and young people of the country.

Permanent Secretary, Dr Franco Rodie in welcoming Hon. Leokana assured him that the ministry under his leadership will do their best to continue with the current reform program based on the capacity of the staff and resources provided by the National Government and development partners.

PS Rodie reminded his staff that some of the key responsibilities of the Minister of Education includes the following:

Ensures the MEHRD Budget is developed and covers funding for schools, teacher salaries, training/scholarship programs and tertiary institutions in the country,

  • Provides oversight or macro-level guidance and support to tertiary education institutions in the country
  • Promotes equity and inclusion so that all children in the country are able to access quality education.

PS Rodie appealed to the staff of the ministry to render their support to the new Minister.



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