Melodies of Service: Solomon Islands Music Artist Lena Meigs Kelly Volunteers for 17th Pacific Games


With the much-anticipated 17th Pacific Games drawing near in the Solomon Islands, a vibrant synergy of community spirit and local talent graces the artistic landscape. 

Among the diverse volunteers rallying to ensure the success of this international event stands Lena Meigs Kelly, an effervescent and soulful singer, poised to weave her voice into the fabric of volunteerism.

Lena, a celebrated female artist from Malaita and Western province, Solomon Islands, isn’t just known for her captivating vocal talent but also for her unwavering commitment to community service. 

Kelly Lena

Fuelled by a passion for music and a dedication to her homeland, she amplifies her contributions by volunteering during the prestigious 17th Pacific Games.

Her decision to volunteer speaks volumes about her belief in the transformative power of collective effort and camaraderie. 

Lena’s engagement with the Games goes beyond her musical talents; she serves as a Team Leader for Spectators, managing aspects such as VIP seating, meet-and-greet, and crowd control, enriching the event with her spirited participation.

“Volunteering is my way of giving back to my community. It’s a way to be part of something bigger, something that brings joy and unity to our nation,” Lena expressed with an infectious enthusiasm.

Her motivation for volunteering is rooted in the belief that every contribution, no matter its size, plays a pivotal role in making a difference. 

“The Pacific Games embody more than just sports; it’s about fostering togetherness and celebrating our culture. I feel honoured to be part of this endeavour. I anticipate encountering further challenges and am eager to gain valuable experiences. These experiences will serve as a well of wisdom that I can draw from and share in any future opportunities that may arise.”

Lena’s involvement embodies the spirit of unity and support encapsulated by the Games, showcasing how individuals from diverse backgrounds can unite for a collective cause.

Her dedication to both music and community service serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and volunteers in the Solomon Islands. As she stands among the volunteers, she continues to set an example of selflessness and dedication, echoing the Games’ ethos that celebrates not just athletic prowess but the unity of diverse communities.

Lena Meigs Kelly’s commitment to volunteering during the 17th Pacific Games is a testament to the power of passion and its impact when directed towards community service. Her story exemplifies the ability of individuals, regardless of their profession, to make a significant impact through volunteerism, fostering a sense of collective pride and unity.


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