Dr. Rodgers: Let’s Unite and Celebrate Diversity during 17th Pacific Games

Dr. Rodgers: Let’s Unite and Celebrate Diversity during 17th Pacific Games

In a heartfelt message broadcasted on the Talk Back Show at SIBC yesterday, Chairman of the Pacific Games 2023 National Hosting Authority (NHA) Dr. Jimmie Rodgers, rallied the citizens of the Solomon Islands to stand united as the 17th Pacific Games draw near. He was emphasizing the importance of celebrating differences and facing challenges together, while encouraging everyone to seize the moment and make the nation proud.

During the radio show, Dr. Rodgers highlighted the significance of extending a warm welcome to the teams arriving for the Pacific Games. While the official opening ceremony is scheduled for the 19th of November, teams from 24 countries are set to arrive starting today.

Dr. Rodgers urged the Solomon Islands citizens to be friendly and hospitable, creating an atmosphere of friendship as officials and athletes from around the Pacific region gather for this prestigious event.

Acknowledging the early arrivals of officials and the upcoming welcome ceremony for participating countries, Dr. Rodgers shared that the first games would commence this Friday. Notably, the Solomon Islands soccer team will kick-start the Pacific Games against Samoa.

Dr. Rodgers also revealed details about the medal ceremonies, scheduled for Monday, November 20th. The Prime Minister’s participation in presenting the medal awards was announced, with hopes that the first gold medal would go to the Solomon Islands. Over 400 presentation ceremonies are anticipated throughout the event, involving ministers and officials from various nations.

Highlighting the overarching theme of the 17th Pacific Games, Dr. Rodgers recalled the National Hosting Authority’s decision five years ago to encapsulate the event with three simple words: Challenges, Celebrate, and Unite. The theme underscores the resilience of the Solomon Islands, encouraging citizens to celebrate diversity, face challenges, and ultimately unite as one people.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rodgers spoke passionately about the global impact of the Pacific Games, emphasizing that the event serves as a platform to unite nations. With representatives from countries as far reaching as Iraq and South Africa, the games transcend geographical boundaries and bring the world together.

Dr. Rodgers also urges the people of the Solomon Islands to take pride in this moment, to face challenges collectively, celebrate diversity, and unite as a nation.

In closing, Dr. Rodgers expressed gratitude to the citizens for their support and encouraged everyone to embrace the upcoming journey with a sense of national pride and unity. As the 17th Pacific Games approaches, the Solomon Islands prepares to host a celebration of sport, diversity, and resilience on the global stage. –Ends

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