Met: Low pressure system causes heavy rain, flooding, and strong winds

Met: Low pressure system causes heavy rain, flooding, and strong winds


The current bad weather that is experienced in the Solomon Islands is mainly caused by a low-pressure system, says the Director of Solomon Islands Meteorological Services, Mr David Hiba Hiriasia.

Mr Hiriasia told SIBC News that the low-pressure system is located within Central Solomon Islands, as Guadalcanal and Malaita Provinces were reported to have experienced flooding.

“The low-pressure system is developing in the country’s Central Solomon Seas. So, the country is expected to experience continuous rainfall in the coming days.

“This bad weather is expected to continue until probably early next week, hopefully Tuesday,” Mr Hiriasia said.

He added, the low pressure is projected to move towards the eastern Solomon Islands later in the new week.

“It is expected to intensify towards the eastern region by next week. It will most probably reach Temotu by next weekend.”

Meanwhile, Mr Hiriasia also reiterated that people must take heed of the heavy rain and strong wind warnings issued by the Meteorological Services.

These warnings were normally issued when the country is going to experience bad weather, he said.

“People need to take these warnings seriously so that precautionary measures can be actioned to avoid loss of lives and properties.

“The important message is, we are in the cyclone season (November – April). Therefore, we will experience more rainfalls and strong winds,” the Meteorological Director reiterated.

He therefore calls on citizens, families, and communities to be on high alert during the current wet season. –ENDS//

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